Executive Council

Lauren Gratto


I am so thankful I get to serve as Chapter President this year! I get to work with all of our officers and help them achieve their goals, as well as with our individual members to make sure they are having the best membership experience possible. I am so excited to see what our chapter leaders accomplish this year and I am so glad I get to support and lead them. I am also excited to strengthen our relationship with other Panhellenic chapters this year and better support all of our Panhellenic sisters here at Clemson!

Maggie Harvey

Vice President of Standards and Values

As Vice President of Standards and Values, I'm in charge of making sure all of our events are fun, but also safe. I get to support our sisters and help them live out our four major values: friendship, loyalty, service, and personal growth. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet and make friends with!

  • Hometown: Clover, SC
  • Major: Modern Languages
  • Minor: Travel and Tourism
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Email: kappapievp@gmail.com

Jordyn Anderson

Vice President of Programming

I am so excited to be taking on the role of Vice President of Programming this term! My role includes making the chapter's calendar with all of our fun events, creating Committees to engage our members in different aspects of the chapter, such as our Sisterhood and Bid Day. I also build fun programming events into our regular chapter meetings. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is the connection I have with my Aunt who is an alumna.

  • Hometown: Saint Michael, MN
  • Major: Nutrition
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Email: skvppcu@gmail.com

Emma Benning

Vice President of New Member Education

As the Vice President of New Member Education, I work with the new members and teach them about all fun things Sigma Kappa--starting from Bid Day all the way to Initiation. My main role is to help the new members make Sigma Kappa feel like a home away from home. My favorite part about Sigma Kappa is the genuine friendships I have made with all of the girls in the chapter, and I hope to foster some more as VPNME!

Ashley Caldwell

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President of Membership is in charge of all things recruitment! My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is the genuine friendships I’ve made! I met one of my very best friends during the recruitment process, and now we get to run Recruitment 2021 together! I look forward to providing that same experience to Potential New Members and bringing our current sisters even closer!

KB Jernigan

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

I am the VP of Alumnae Relations, so I ensure alumni feel connected to our chapter after graduation. My position is also responsible for planning activities for the families of our members and organizing our Founder’s Day celebration to honor the history of Sigma Kappa. My favorite thing about being in Sigma Kappa is how many wonderful women I got to meet who inspire each other to be the best versions of themselves. Personal growth is a value that our members embody in all aspects of life, and it is one of the things I cherish most about our chapter!

  • Hometown: Pawley's Island, SC
  • Major: Biochemistry and Genetics
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: kjernig@g.clemson.edu

Erin Angstadt

Vice President of Academic Excellence

As the Vice President of Academic Excellence (VPAE), I support sisters academically. My favorite part of being VPAE is being a resource for all sisters in the chapter and helping them balance social life and academics. I love that SK's help each other out. I have a big group of peer mentors and also Sister Shoutout program allows sisters to recognize sister's achievements and celebrate their achievements. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is that I love living on the hall with all my best friends.

Maggie Eubank

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

I'm so excited to be the Vice President of Philanthropic Service this year! I plan philanthropic events, activities, and projects for our sisters. I also coordinate fundraisers for our philanthropies, and I work with Panhellenic as a whole to help their cause! I love that Sigma Kappa has not one, but five philanthropies that we support and love. I would say that my favorite philanthropy or ours is the Alzheimer's Association. I love what this organization does with their research, awareness, and prevention of this disease and love that we support such an amazing cause!

  • Hometwon: Atlanta, GA
  • Major: Business Management, International Management Emphasis
  • Minor: Brand Communications
  • Year: Sophomore
  • Email: skphilanthropy.cu@gmail.com

Ashley Babinchak

Vice President of Communications & Operations

As the VPCO, I get to work with all the other officers to make sure their goals and events are communicated with to the chapter. I also get to support our officers that create all of the PR, Social Media, and T-Shirts for our chapter. My favorite thing about Sigma Kappa is being able to take on a leadership role and help an organization that has helped me so much!

  • Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
  • Major: Bioengineering, Biomaterials Concentration
  • Minor: Business Administration
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: vpc1874@gmail.com

Faith Novak

Vice President of Finance

I chose this position because I wanted to help our chapter grow and reach our full potential financially. I love working with all of the other positions in Sigma Kappa to turn ideas into a reality and execute great events. I am super excited to continue getting to know our members and help plan more great things!

  • Hometown: Rock Hill, SC
  • Major: Finance
  • Minor: Accounting
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: vpf1874@gmail.com

Georgia O'Gorman

Panhellenic Delegate

In my role as Panhellenic Delegate, I have the honor of serving both our chapter and the Panhellenic community by being the bridge of communication between the organizations. I value meaningful relationships and promoting inclusion, and I plan on using my term as Panhellenic Delegate to show off how amazing our sisterhood is to all of Clemson! I am thankful for the opportunity to work among such great sisters on Executive Council this year. Go Tigers!

  • Hometown: Arlington, VA
  • Major: Marketing
  • Minor: American Sign Language
  • Year: Junior
  • Email: skkppd@gmail.com