Letter from the Chapter

Welcome to the Kappa Pi Chapter of Sigma Kappa! I am confident that your time here at Clemson will be better than you can even imagine right now and the Clemson Panhellenic community will be one of the best parts! Sigma Kappa strives to create a platform for social, intellectual, and spiritual growth for women. During my time in this chapter, I have grown in these ways and so many more. 

Socially, Sigma Kappa has given me my best friends and the girls I will always remember from these special four years. My favorite breakfast dates, workout partners, and late-night listeners, Sigma Kappa has shown me a picture of true friendship and for that, I am so grateful. 

Intellectually, Sigma Kappas are leaders in the classroom and beyond. From our involvement in areas all across campus, to our high-ranking GPAs and other academic accomplishments, this organization truly encourages us to be top students and empowered members of the Clemson community. Joining Sigma Kappa not only gave me a sorority, but a group of girls to find countless ways to join and serve this special Clemson community that I am so lucky to call home. 

Finally, spiritually, I can without a doubt say Sigma Kappa has helped me become the best I can be in so many ways. It still amazes me that I have the opportunity to serve this incredible organization as President this year! A true sisterhood is loving each other through the tears and the laughter, pushing each other to do big, but sometimes hard things, and confidently knowing that at the end of the day, you have an organization that is yours forever. Sigma Kappa has given me this true sisterhood and I count that among my greatest blessings.

Here at Clemson, there are so many special people and organizations, and these people are what make Clemson feel like home. I sincerely hope you find people who support you, challenge you, and love you during your time at Clemson and for days to come, just as I have found in Sigma Kappa!


All the best, 

Lauren Gratto, Chapter President